Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to license my dog?

The fee for an unspayed/neutered dog is $18.00 and for a spayed/neutered dog is $10.00.

Is my dog required to wear the tag issued with the dog license?

Yes, the law requires that your dog wear the tag.  The purpose of the tag is to assist in locating the dog’s owner should you and your dog become separated. 

What do I need to bring with me to license my dog?

You will need a current certificate of rabies vaccination (the clerk is required to see the form) and proof of spaying or neutering.

What if I or someone I know is bitten by a dog?

If a dog bites you or if your dog bites any person, you are required to report the incident to the Rensselaer County Public Health (518) 270-2660 and or the Dog Control Officer at (518) 794-0406. The biting dog must be quarantined for 10 (ten) days at the owners expense

What if my dog loses its tag?

Contact the Town Clerk for a replacement tag. You will be required pay $5.00 for the tag.

What should I do if I find a stray dog?

NYS defines the “owner” of a dog as any person who keeps or harbors (provides food or shelter to) any dog.  Should you encounter a stray dog, contact the Dog Control Officer at (518) 794-0406 or the Town Clerk to arrange pick up or you will be held responsible for the animal.

When am I required to license my dog?

All dogs in New York State must be licensed once they reach the age of 4 (four) months.

Where do I get my dog licensed?

Licenses are issued by the Town Clerk’s office and renew annually. 

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