Water/Wastewater Contact Info

To Report a Water Break or that you have no water, please call the Village Water Department at (518) 461-4545 (any time) 

Wastewater Contact Information

Kenneth Meyer, Chief Wastewater Plant Operator

phone icon (518) 732-2752 701-8045
phone icon (518) 461-4545 (Cell)
fax 16 (518) 732-1550
email icon Email

house white 16 85 South Main Street
     Castleton, NY 12033 

Water Contact Information

Joseph Garavelli, Water Superintendent

phone icon (518) 732-2752
phone icon (518) 701-8045 (Cell)
fax 16 (518) 732-1550

email icon Email

house white 16 85 South Main Street
     Castleton, NY 12033 

If you are requesting a water meter reading or reporting that repairs are needed to your water meter, call Village Hall at (518) 732-2211 Ext. 2



The Water Department manages and monitors the village water supply, routinely testing and treating the water per New York State Health Department requirements. The village water supply also serves some neighbors in the Town of Schodack including Maple Hill Middle School and Maple Hill High School. 

The Village sewage treatment plant facilities are operated  and maintained, routinely testing and treating, per New York State Department of Environmental Conservation requirements. 

Both of these important functions require oversight and staffing as needed , 24 hours per day, 7 days per  week.


The Village bills four times a year for Refuse, Sewer and Water.  These bills are sent out on June 1st, September 1st, December 1st and March 1st and are due at the end of the month they are sent out.  They can be paid by cash, money order or check in person or sent in by mail.  Please note that payment by mail must be postmarked by the last day of the month in order to avoid a penalty.  Any unpaid Refuse, Sewer and Water bills at the end of May will be relevied onto the Village Tax Bill.


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