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Prior to any construction activities you should contact the Building Inspector to review any applicable permit requirements. In addition to a normal building permit, certain projects require further approvals. 

Erosion and Sediment Control
Land disturbance including: clearing, grading or construction of site improvements, may cause erosion of soils. Sediments from construction sites can be a significant pollutant that impacts water quality. 

Disturbance of more than 1 acre of land requires a permit under the local law:  pdf Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance (933 KB)

Under this law, applicants are required to prepare a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. Further guidelines and requirements for preparing a SWPPP can be found at NYSDEC Stormwater

Plans received by the Village are available for review and comment at Village Hall. 

Steep Slopes 
The steeper banks along the Hudson River, particularly those containing silts and clays, can be very unstable and have been known to result in land slides. The Village of Castleton Zoning Law contains a Steep Slope overlay zone. Any clearing or land disturbance within this overlay requires site plan approval from the Planning Board. The Zoning Map showing the Steep overlay zones may be viewed at Town Hall or can be found at  pdf Castleton Zoning Map (245 KB) .

To contact us:
Storm Water Coordinator: Deputy Mayor Sharon Martin
Phone: 518-732-2211 
Fax: 518-732-0060 

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