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Castleton-on-Hudson is located in the southwestern corner of Rensselaer County, New York. It is part of New York's Capital Region, about 10 miles southeast of downtown Albany.

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There is a winter weather advisory in effect from 10 PM this evening until 7 PM Wednesday. Total snow accumulations of 2 to 4 inches and ice accumulations of up to one tenth of an inch are possible. If we do get snow or ice please keep cars off streets as much as possible so plows can clear the streets. Folks who park on Main Street can use our alternate parking locations until Main Street has been cleared. Our crew and plows are ready !!

We have not declared a snow emergency but there are good rules to follow for more than a light accumulation of snow:

NO parking on any of the hills in the village. This includes Green Ave, Stimpson Avenue, Scott Avenue and Seaman Avenue. 

Public Parking - Either of the two Village-owned parking lots of Main Street. One is across from the post office next to Grants auto repair shop and one is next to Poke Jar. 

Officially we use the odd/even system so that the plows don’t have to zig-zag in and out of parked cars on both sides of the street.

On odd days we ask that you NOT park on the odd side of the street. On even days, like tomorrow, we ask that you NOT park on the even side of the street.

If you live on Main Street (all of 9J) we ask that while it is snowing you park on the east side of the street (the Store side). And once the snow stops that you move to the west side. Cars on Main Street will be ticketed and towed if they are not moved.

Thank you very much for your cooperation, have a great evening and if you do have to drive tomorrow please use extra caution.


Snowy main street

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