On April 24, 2015 the first historic marker for the Village of Castleton was installed in front of the Hans Van Buren house, built in 1763, on 99 South Main Street in Castleton. The marker was installed by the Historical Society of Esquatak. Slow down and take a look as you are driving on Route 9J through the south-end of the village and view the marker.

Village Historian, Ellen Allen, says the house was that of Maas Van Buren and his son Johannes, who leased land from the Van Rensselaer patroon. According to Ms. Allen, the house was built of bricks said to have been the first ones brought up the river from Haverstraw. The Van Burens were farmers and cousins of President Martin Van Buren of Kinderhook.

A hearty thank-you goes out to Rich Saville and the Castleton DPW for installing the marker. Thanks also go to Village Mayor Joe Keegan and the Village Board for their support of this project. The Esquatak committee who planned the project were David Chinery, Sharon Flood and Diane Hutchinson. 

Residents of Castleton came together on Friday evening, May 8, for a brief dedication ceremony for the Van Buren House Historic Marker. Trustee David Chinery thanked all who made the project possible. Trustee Sharon Mc Givern Flood extolled the village and Hans Van Buren and Village Historian Ellen Allen provided some history of the house as well as a tour afterward. Mayor Joe Keegan was also on hand to express his congratulations. The remarks and a little champagne were enjoyed by about 20 well-wishers. 

Following are three pictures showing the Historic Marker and the Van Buren House.

VanBuren 1


VanBuren 2


VanBuren 3

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